Do Lizards Eat Eggs?

  • By: Kavi Ranjan
  • Date: November 8, 2022
  • Time to read: 7 min.
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One summer, when I was young, I observed a dusty green gecko on my room’s mesh door. I would wonder why the small creature turned up there every single evening without fail. Then I realized, it came to feast on the mosquitoes which were attracted to my room’s light. 

This gecko became a companion of sorts. On one such day, I heard a crunching sound. I looked carefully and saw a moth, half hanging out of this gecko’s mouth. It was happily crunching through the meal. This intrigued me. If these tiny lizards ate all sorts of insects and moths. What else did they eat? I found out that lizards even eat eggs. 

Understanding the answer to related questions is important for everyone who sees lizards every day around them. As an added bonus, it will help you take even better care of your pet lizard!

Do lizards eat eggs?

Yes, lizards do eat eggs. Most lizards, both pets and wild ones, eat eggs. Eggs are a great source of protein, fat and essential nutrients and are a great addition to a lizard’s diet. Some bird eggs have extremely hard shells. In such cases, the lizard will break the eggshell and eat only the inner contents of the egg.

There are, however, a few varieties of lizards that are herbivores. You may have seen that pet iguanas primarily feed on fresh leaves, sometimes flowers and fruits too. A variety of iguana – the marine iguana which is native to The Galapagos Islands eats algae from the sea.

Are eggs good for lizards or are they toxic?

In most cases, eggs are good for lizards. They contain large amounts of protein, fat, and nutrients which are extremely healthy for them. If in some cases the eggs shells are too hard, the lizards will break the eggs and suck out the inside of the egg which is a fluid. But usually, lizards can even digest eggshells. They have great digestive systems. 

You should avoid feeding your pet lizard raw eggs because they may be hosts to disease-causing bacteria. Wild lizards on the other hand have immensely varied diets, so they eat eggs whenever they are available. 

What type of lizard eats eggs?

Almost all types of lizards eat eggs.

Smaller lizards like house lizards cannot eat the eggs of big birds. They tend to feed on smaller eggs such as insect eggs and larvae as well. They eat the whole eggs, including the shells.

Bigger lizards like monitor lizards can eat the eggs of bigger birds and animals too. The lizards are large and so just one egg isn’t sufficient for them. They may eat up to 2-3 eggs.

Lizards like iguanas do not eat eggs or meat. They are herbivores so they survive on fresh leaves, fruits, flowers, etc.

Can I feed a lizard eggshells?

Though lizards can eat eggshells, it is not advisable to feed them these. Eggs shells are hard and sharp and may internally injure the lizard. It is better to feed them the egg liquid and yolk instead of the shells. You can even feed them boiled or cooked eggs.

In the wild, the larger species of lizards eat the eggs whole. They can even eat up to 3-4 eggs along with the shells.

What else do lizards eat?

Lizard species are varied when it comes to their sizes and their habitat. 

The smaller lizard species like geckos are usually insectivorous. They will eat any small insects that are available to them including mosquitoes, crickets, ants, etc.

Some lizards like iguanas are herbivores. In the wild, they eat the leaves of trees, vines, and even some flowers and fruits.

Larger lizards like monitor lizards can eat everything from bird eggs to small animals like reptiles, birds, frogs, crabs, snails, etc.

Even baby lizards start eating what adult lizards eat. They don’t drink milk like most animals. Baby lizards usually eat small insects, spiders, and worms. 

Do lizards eat birds?

Small lizards like geckos pose no threat to lizards at all. In fact, birds may harm these small lizards. On the other hand, bigger lizards like monitor lizards and Gila monsters may attack and even eat birds if they feel that the birds pose a threat to them.

In fact, Gila monsters often raid bird nests to eat birds and their eggs. They have an extremely powerful bite and once they grab hold of the bird, they inject venom into it which kills it within a few seconds.

Can lizards eat scrambled eggs, boiled eggs, or processed eggs?

Yes, lizards can eat cooked eggs. These may even be better than raw eggs. It is usually not advisable to feed pet lizards raw eggs. This is because raw eggs may contain harmful, disease-causing bacteria. 

Simply cooked eggs like boiled eggs serve as a better alternative. Lizards enjoy eggs as occasional treats. It is important to remember that the cooked eggs should be bland and not flavored with too many spices. Additionally, these are more beneficial due to the higher amount of proteins.

What kinds of eggs do lizards eat?

Lizards, depending on their size, will eat almost all sorts of eggs. 

The female Bearded Dragon are notorious for eating their own eggs! This is not an act of cruelty as it seems. The females eat only the unfertilized eggs so that they can gain back some portion of the nutrients they lose during pregnancy. 

Bigger lizards can eat bird eggs like chicken eggs. Monitor lizards have been known to enter chicken coops to eat eggs. Gila monsters will often raid nests to eat eggs. They also prey on the eggs of other reptiles and amphibians.

Smaller lizards will eat smaller eggs like the eggs of insects, rodents, or small birds.

What kind of eggs should I feed my lizard?

You can feed your lizard boiled or cooked chicken eggs. Do not feed pet lizards raw eggs as they may be hosts to disease-carrying microorganisms. 

Quail eggs are also great for lizards. You can feed them quail eggs once or twice a week as a treat. Though it may not seem likely, quail eggs are quite easily available in the market. 

How often should I feed my lizard eggs?

This completely depends on the size and type of lizard you own. You should check the dietary requirements of your lizard before feeding it eggs.

Generally, lizards can be fed eggs once or twice a week. But this also varies with situations like pregnancy. If a lizard is about to lay eggs, she will need a higher amount of protein and nutrients. This can be supplied through eggs. 

Should I feed my lizard chicken eggs or quail eggs? What’s the difference?

The first major difference is that quail eggs are much smaller than chicken eggs and they have thinner and softer shells too. This makes it easier for your pet lizards to eat and digest them.

Also, it has been shown that quail eggs have a greater amount of amino acids (proteins), vitamins, calcium, and some extra components of Vitamin B like Thiamin (Vitamin B1) and Riboflavin (Vitamin B2).

Hence, quail eggs will make better additions to the diet of your lizard.

Do lizards eat baby quail?

Yes, lizards can eat baby quail. If larger species of lizards find a nest of quail chicks without their mother, they will likely eat a few chicks. 

Related Questions:

Do lizards eat quail eggs?

Lizards do eat quail eggs. There are quite a few factors that tip the scale in favor of quail eggs over chicken eggs. They are smaller, easier to eat, and have even more nutrients.

Do lizards eat chicken eggs?

Some lizards do eat chicken eggs. Monitor lizards breaking into chicken coops to eat eggs is quite common. If smaller lizards find the eggs hard to eat, they will break the eggs and suck out the content present on the inside.

Do lizards eat bird eggs?

Yes. Many medium to large-sized lizards eat birds’ eggs whenever they can find some.

Do lizards eat butterfly eggs?

Lizards probably do eat butterfly eggs. They also eat caterpillars, butterfly cocoons, and butterflies too. Insect eggs are perfect for small lizards. They are easy to find, eat and digest whole.

Do lizards eat snake eggs?

If a lizard finds an unprotected nest of snake eggs, it will definitely take advantage of the situation and eat them. These lizards invade nests and are actually a threat to snake populations.


Though their feeding habits may seem a little complicated, lizards are surprisingly very diverse when it comes to their food choices. They eat plants, fruits, meat, and yes – eggs!

A deeper knowledge of their dietary requirements can help you understand the needs of your pet well.

Even if you don’t have a pet lizard, there is a great probability that you have lizards around your home and workplaces. Understanding what they eat and why will definitely take you a step further in getting over your aversion to these beautiful reptiles.